Forthcoming events planned for 2019

Friday 25th October 10am – Poppy Launch – Storyhouse, Chester
We will again be singing at this important occasion for the Royal British Legion. Last year, the event took place at Storyhouse, however the venue for this year is still to be confirmed.

Saturday 16th November 1pm – Grosvenor Shopping Centre, Chester
We will be singing two sets in Grosvenor Shopping Centre from 1pm

Saturday 30th November 7.30pm Christmas Concert, Caldy Valley Church
We are planning to host our own Christmas Concert at Caldy Valley this year. We will be inviting some other local choirs to take part in the concert.

Tuesday 17th December 7.30pm- Carols at the Rake and Christmas Social
We are planning to sing carols at the Rake and Pikel followed by an end of term Christmas meal

Saturday 21st December 1pm – Candle Workshop
For something a little bit different, we will be singing carols then making candles at the Candle Workshop to finish the term!