Great Get Together at Storyhouse

We were delighted to have the chance to sing at Storyhouse, Chester once again this afternoon. Though the audience were challenged with the wonderful weather, we received great feedback from some of those who came along, and everyone joined in with the chorus of “Leaving of Liverpool”

Caldy Valley Voices after the Great Get Together performance at Storyhouse with MD Will Hay at the piano

We made connections and, ultimately, that is the purpose of the festival. As part of the Sails and Rails theme of our next concert, the mini set included “Skye Boat Song”, and Martin Jones’ “Waitin’ on the platform” (with solos from our MD Will, Leon, Helen, Colin, and Pam)

This train is bound for Glory combined beautifully with Oh when the Saints and then we finished with a feel good favourite, “Hallelujah”. Expect to hear these and more next weekend at our Sails and Rails concert. Tickets priced £5 are available online.